Photo Samples

Last updated: 1 October 2011

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Theresa Ivancik, female bodybuilder from Pennsylvania. Shot in June 2011, Chicago, for

Laurie Larson, female bodybuilder from Colorado. Shot in September 2010, Las Vegas, for
Marina Lopez, IFBB professional bodybuilder from Colorado. Shot in October 2010, Atlanta, for

Laurie Steele, female bodybuilder from California. Shot in September 2010, Las Vegas, for

Emery Miller, IFBB professional female bodybuilder. Shot in September 2010, Las Vegas, for

Gillian Kovack, Canadian female bodybuilder. Shot in march 2011, Columbus,  for Seen here in powerful off season shape, Gillian just recently won the IFBB North Americans and earned her pro card.

Jody Wald, Canadian IFBB professional female bodybuilder. Shot in September 2010, Cleveland, for

Elsie Velazquez is a figure competitor from Ohio. Shot in September 2010, Cleveland, for

Jennifer Scarpetta, IFBB pro female bodybuilder. Shot in September 2010, Las Vegas, for

Lara Williams, Canadian fitness model. Shot in September 2010, Cleveland, for

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Every month I update a page of photo samples on Andy's Muscle Goddesses site, the best all-free female muscle resource on the Internet.

I also like to rotate my very favorite pics through my portfolio at ModelMayhem.

The Never Ending Model Search

Check out my 2011 travel schedule. I am always available in Virginia Beach and may be up for day trips in the VA/DC/MD/NC/DE area. 

I am now booking appointments for the NPC Nationals weekend in November, Miami Beach.

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Workflow Status

All the models I worked with before September 2010 should have their material, or know why if they don't. Please contact me if there is a problem.

Apologies to all for being so slow to process content, I am now struggling to catch up. If you can’t wait and just want the unprocessed stills, let me know.