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This page is organized thus:

1 - General Femuscle Pages
2 - Galleries
3 - Regional Femuscle Pages
4 – Content sites
5 - Misc. Sites
6 - Contest Info

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All links to sites devoted to specific ladies are at yet another page.


The sites are generally listed in the order of usefulness to me, with new sites added to the bottom of each category and moving up as they prove their value. This is entirely subjective and no insults are intended.

1 - Femuscle Sites

The major sites:

Diana The Valkyrie
Her Biceps
GeneX and FTVideo 
Muscle Angels and Muscle Angels Video
HD Physiques
AMG Lite

Women's Physique World is where most of us first discovered these great ladies. Their main site now seems to be WPWMax.com, followed by WPW Magazine Online, then their original WPW.net site.

BicepWorld.com is a membership site presenting fun and sexy flexin'. Boomer has branched out with CollegeFlex.com and Budflex. (Formerly known as boomerflex.)

Athletic Women Magazine has been doing a great job for many years.

femuscle.org is an excellent source of free, original pictures.

Muscle Sensuality is a membership site with plenty of great models. Ebony Muscle and Physique Art Inc are associated sites.

FemaleMuscle.com has a lot of stuff going on.

Muscle Elegance Magazine delivers photos of muscular women in a mainstream porn format.

The O.J. Heller Collection is an awesome archive of our femuscle heritage. O.J.'s son continues in this proud tradition with LHArt.

The Valkyries might look like just a place that sells excellent tee shirts, but its owner is also one of the great supporters of strong women.

FemPhysiques as an adult-oriented membership site.

Hotlexx is by a German fan devoted to well-muscled legs. Extensive free galleries of stuff collected off the web.

GMV Productions is an Australian concern devoted to bodybuilding.

Amazon Profiles has a membership area, but plenty of good free stuff.  

LeanLadies.com is a fitness/FBB portal.

Fibofoto.de provides plenty of profiles.

Northern Physique has lots of mixed-gender BB stuff. Formerly known as K-Max Media.

fbbworld.com is devoted to "the female bodybuilder as she wants to be."  

TK's Femuscle page features some contest pics, lots of links.  

Jungle Tales has plenty of video content, some big names.

World Of Muscle is a Switzerland-based femuscle hub. Once very active, now not so much.  

IronFeats sells clips from Iron Belles and other producers.

Muscles at Work is by a long-time fan. Lots of content.  

True Bodies is a membership site about fitness models.  

Posedown.de is a German mixed-gender BB site.

World Class Muscle is a membership site. The same stuff appears on Sexy Buff Babes.

Fetish Fitness Babes is offering videos.  

Women of Power has some nice powerlifter profiles.

Impulse Productions offers a nice collection of posing videos, plenty of free content.

Ray Martin was a leading maker of FBB videos.  

Fitshots is a NY-based membership photo site.

Lokrantz Consulting provides FBB management, contest pics and comments.  

The New York Muscle Club was a great way to bring muscular women to the fans. I was lucky enough to attend one of these shows, hopefully there will be future events.  

Davemeister's Fitness Babes is a venerable membership site.

Fetish Fitness Babes is offering videos.  

Physique Modeling is a membership site.

Women Pumping Iron offers profiles and links.  

L. Paul Dorman is a chat room pal and general admirer of strong female arms.  

Flexing Females site rating forum is the place to rate those pay sites.  

Act-Novum is a Germany-based membership photo site.  

DIYmuscle is a membership site. Interesting business model, and drawing some very big names.

Muscle Tease offers material racier than we see on most sites.

GirlStrong is an Australia-based membership site.  

PhysiqueModeling.com has membership galleries.

Kriv Studios -- Lou has his own site.  

Amazon Muscle offers some modest galleries.

Women Pumping Iron offers profiles and links.  

FBB Extreme is a fan site with some galleries and videos.  

Muscle Moods is a figure/FBB membership site.  

BodybuilderFemales.com has lots of profiles. 

VeinyWoman.com is working that vascularity niche. 

Buff Chicks serves up profiles and sponsorships.  

Buff Chics is a membership site featuring hot ladies from Vancouver.  

Steel Goddesses is a Europe-based site.  

Hardbody Radio is an audio show devoted to the ladies.  

Iron-Tim is an enthusiastic fan.  

FBB Extreme is a fan site with some galleries and videos.  

Buff Calendar Girls -- show some support and order it!  

Strong-Fems.de is a German membership site.  

FigureRX is a figure and fitness mega portal.  

Fem Time is all Russian but worth poking around.  

EroticFemaleBodybuilders.com is a membership site.

Her Flex Appeal is a memberships site.

Babes Workout offers clips of fit girls exercising.  

1fitchick.com offers ladies' profiles.  

Physical Designs Photography is another membership site.  

USA Muscle Women features contest and backstage video.  

FlexThoseLegs.com is as the name suggests.  

Female-Bodybuilders.net feature nude girls!  

2 - Free Galleries

Buildy is a European fan with some original galleries.
Girl's Biceps is a fan gallery of flexes gleaned from other sites.
FBBadmirers.net has galleries by a German fan.
Wonderwoman FBB galleries collects plenty of high quality scans.  
West Coast Athletic has lots of female athlete photos.  
Imaginary Fights pretends to be about girl fights, but is really about flexing pics.  
Lorenzo's Gallery is another fan collection of familiar pics.  
PowerWomen.com is another fan gallery.  
Assaradas is a Brazilian photo-blog.  
Bodybuilding teens has some stuff I haven't seen elsewhere.  
Girls with Muscle is all fan-contributed flexing pics.  
Wonder Girl Planet more fan-contributed pics.  

3 - Non-English and Area-specific Sites

Turkish Female Sports covers the scene in that part of the world, a very good site, lots of updates.

The Northwest/BC FBB page (Twixpix) provides excellent coverage of the scene in that corner of North America.

European FBB hosts pages for over 30 women, mostly French FBBs.

Australian Women With Muscle is a nice little site by the terrific Sandra Lee Jose.

MuscleBabes Netherlands covers the great ladies from that country.

Freya was once a multi-languge webzine, now back just in French.

BodyBuildingLive is a Canadian mixed-gender BB site.

European FBB host pages for over 30 women, mostly French FBBs.

SouthPump is by a Latin American fan. (No updates since 2004.)

Greek Female Muscle is a good site once you get past the pop-ups and that wacky alphabet.

MissFitness.nl features Dutch physique athletes.

Female Muscle Show is by a fan in Brazil. (No updates since 2004.)

Mulheres com Musculos Fortes is a Portuguese blog.

Y2K Women is by a Mexican fan, though he collects familiar pics of women from around the world. (No updates since 2000.)

Asian Athletic Women is by an Australian fan. (No updates since 2000.)

Gym Girls is a membership site devoted to Swedish femuscle. (No updates since 2003.)

Donne Muscolose is an Italian fan site, has a forum.

Fitness Lady features Sylvia Plešková and other hot Slovakian athletes. (No updates since 2002.)

Go Figure features lots of Kiwi girls.

Miss Fitness offers an assortment of Belgian flexing fitness girls. (Last updated in 2004.)

Esculturales del Musculo is a Chile-based fan site. Photos, art, Spanish stories. (No signs of recent updates, lots of broken links.)

Bodyfitness is a Spanish fan's blog. (Last entry, June 2005.)

Super Mulheres is a Portuguese-language photo forum.  

Mulheres do Futuro is a Brazilian fan site.  

Top Muscle Feminin is a French fan site. NEW!

Bombes de Fitness is a French blog. NEW!

Girls in Sport is an Italian blog, some English-language content. NEW!

Muscle India covers that country.   

Fisiculturistas Femininas is a fan blog from Argentina.  

Princesas del Musculo is a femuscle blog from Argentina.  

4 - Femuscle Content Sites


She Muscle Live
Amazon Webcam  

Art Sites:

David C. Matthews and his DeviantArt page 
Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell
Earth Color (Japanese)
Digital Amazons
Alpha Centurian and his Yahoo group and his DeviantArt page 
Huge Muscle Comix
Yatz and his DeviantArt page
Ahern's GymGirlbells and Muscular Pin Ups 
Polymer City 
Kinsyo (Japanese)
Mitch Foust  
Anna Enhanced 
Jed Dougherty 
DSB Productions 
Merlin's Kingdom
Annie Get Your Muscles
AOS Land 
Hardbodies blog 
Spade's Beautiful People 
FX Girls 
FemaleMuscle(artist club)
Feminox (fantasy enhancements)
Female Muscle Factory 
Kinky Amazons 
Fempower Extreme  

Femuscle Fiction Sites:

Diana the Valkyrie's Library
MAK's Female Muscle Stories
amaz0ns forum
Conceptfan and character's blog
Overflowing Bra muscle growth stories
Female Power Stories 
Muscle Machine 
Amy's Conquest 
mg-sg wiki 
Female Growth Stories 
Sandi Stone Illustrated Tales 
Youlysses' Site 

FBB photography sites:

BillDobbins.com and BillDobbins.net 
John Stutz
Super Body Part (Reg Bradford)
Tony Duffy and Athlete Models
SweetMuscle / Pich Blaaknes
Images of Venus / Gene Carangal
SheMuscle / Brian Moss and GirlsGotLegs.com and My Big Clit 
Juan Carlos Lopez and HardFitness and MuscleTease
George Bond Kontaxis and Elegant Nude
Tigersan Photography
Lisa Brewer
David Ford
Bob Polaro 
Hope Parr / TheFemalePhysique 
Amir Marandi 
Roland Walliser
Joseph Levy  
Jeff Frank and JeffsHeavenlyBodies  
Scott Appleby / Buff 'n' Beautiful  
Axen Photos 
Rick Oliver  

5 - Misc. Sites


Unreal Muscle 
Muscular Development 
Muscle Mayhem
Get Big
Real Feats of Strength 
Extreme Physique 
FBB, Fitness, and Figure Admirers 
Tetsumis's Salon (devoted to Asian ladies) 
RX Muscles Women's Forums 

Links pages:

Muscles of DeeKay
Diana the Valkyrie's links 
Weird and Sexy


Scott's Spotlight 
Muscle Wave 
Sexy Muscle Girls 
Lori Braun
Ruth Silverman 
Inside Bodybuilding 
Hardbody.com news 
Insane Muscle Girls (YouTube finds) 
Muskelmaedels (German) 
Fit Gems 
Kriv Studios Blog 
Mighty Amazons 
Massive Muscle Girls 
HD Physiques Blog 
Mujeres Forzudas 
Bigger the Better 
Sexy Nude Muscles 

Fighting female sites:

Russian Female Single Combat Club
Donnie's Femme Fatales 
Bring it on Sister

Giantess and Tall Girl sites:

Amazons Arena
Big Rags
Amazon Love and its Yahoo Group and forum
Ultimate Amazons
Ann Dees Macrophilia

Superheroine stuff:

Superheroines' Demise
New Phoenix Films
Super Woman Mania
New Goddess Cinema
Super Sexy Heroines 

Celebrity/Girl-next-door Biceps:

Betty Biceps has some photos of flexing girls. Membership site.
Flexette is for the beauty of female flexing. 
Girl Next Door Flex well, the name says it all. 

6 - Contests Links

The Arnold Classic 
IFBB Homepage
GeneX's contest calendar 
NPC Maryland (all new)
NPC North Carolina 
Yohnnie Shambourger
OCB Bodybuilding
Elite Muscle Classic (nice little show in Greensboro NC)
NPC News Online
North American Sports Federation (Hampton Roads drug free shows)
NPA (Virginia-based federation)
Gary Udit (list of mid-Atlantic shows)
Lift For Life (natural contests)
Calendar of bodybuilding contests 
Lenda Murray's Norfolk show  

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