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This page is organized thusly:

1 - General Mixed Wrestling Resources
2 - Contact and Booking Sites
3 - Videos and Membership Sites
4. - Related Interests

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Ladies listed under the letters A through L
Ladies listed under the letters M through Z

The sites are generally listed in the order of usefullness to me, with the newer sites from each category usually going to the bottom.

For this page I am mostly interested in are:

1. Resources concerning commercial mixed wrestling opportunities
2. Actually free stuff, or membership sites with good free content and indications that they may be a good value to members.

I'm not so much interested in:

1. Catfighting or female-to-female wrestling
2. Professional (WWE, etc.) wrestling
3. High school and college female wrestling and martial arts as a serious sport
4. Membership sites with very little free content

I want to call out one female wrestling organization that doesn't fit in anywhere on this page, Tidewater Female Fighting. This is a group of serious (but fun) lady grappler in my hometown, Virginia Beach.

1 - General Mixed Wrestling Links 

Diana The Valkyrie's site is where I spend a crazy amount of time. 

The Wrestle Chicago list is a good resource for windy city fans.

Here is a lively Mixed Wrestling/Boxing Message Board.

Paul's lutte mixte page recounts the adventures on one Dutch fan.

DungeonNet.com has a fine list of wrestling links.

Wild Jungle Boy has a site of some interest. There are plenty of links in the Hardbody's Directory. 

Lutte féminine chez Butch will be of special interest to French fans, but there is plenty of stuff in English too. There is an alternate url

The Combative Woman site is worth checking out, mostly f/f oriented. (No updates since 2002, but a very lively forum.) 

Battle of the Sexes is an intergender wrestling membership site. The Tales of Intergender Combat page includes some session reports. 

Seaking's femfight site has a lot of stories and video reviews, mostly f/f .

Mixed Wrestling in Holland is by another Dutch fan. (No updates since 2002.) 

Scissors and Pins is by a fan who knows what he likes. The guy also has a membership site called Legforce.com.

Tina Diane is a Virginia Beach homegirl and a wrestling fan, her interests somewhat verging into the f/m world. 

Roman Gladiator Wrestling is a curious fantasy f/f wrestling league.

fightingirls.com feature French-Canadian wrestlers. (Only works in IE.)

Wrestling/Femuscle links is a German fan's collection.

Mixed wrestling session reviews is a lively Yahoo group.

Amazone-Verlag is a German female wrestling webzine. 

Namazon is a Russian female wrestling club. 

Complete Wrestling Scene is another lively sessions-friendly Yahoo group.  

Mixed Wrestling in Holland is by another Dutch fan.  

 Vaincu par Elle is a French fan's mixed wrestling blog, some interesting stuff.  

2 - Booking & Contact Sites 

I mention wb270's Big List above, but it deserves its place of honor here too. If there are problems with that URL, use the mirror site. There is also a useful database backend site worth checking out. 

Cheryl Harris's Iron Belles has plenty of good info and the tours page has stuff wb270 may have missed.

Heather Fine's She's So Strong has some information New Yorkers might find helpful.

Tempest is a New York City organization with some strikingly attractive ladies and a place to wrestle.

Virago Wrestling is in San Francisco. No longer an agency managing a large stable of very skilled and lovely ladies, but still worth checking out.

Also in San Francisco is Fantasy Makers.

Diana The Valkyrie has a wrestlers travel page the ladies can update themselves, worth checking out.

Ringmaster Girls represents some attractive women and offers some services that may meet your needs. They also have a Yahoo Group.

The Correction Centre is a B&D house in Melbourne, Australia, lists wrestling among the services provided.

Salon Kitty's is a B&D place near Sydney, also offers wrestling services.

Stormin' Beauties is a Florida-based female wrestling organization.

Fetish House is a Melbourne BDSM establishment, featuring wrestling.

Woman's World Wrestling Club has offices in Germany and south Florida, makes videos and has a large number of women available for private sessions. They have a video download membership site.

Abondance Wrestling features a nice set of ladies in Amsterdam.

Dominion is an LA fetish club, wrestling is offered.

Hurricane Girls is based in Belgium.

London Wrestling Studio serves up videos and live sessions. 

Doom Maidens are a posse of action oriented ladies in NYC. 

The Finishing School is a New England based mixed wrestling site, they also have a Yahoo group.  

Am-Fem International publishes info about the wrestling ladies, important back in the pre-internet days but they have missed the boat and have become a quaint reminder of the past.  

Catalog of Female Fight looks like a German version of Am-Fem.  

Ava Taurel is a NYC B&D house, offers wrestling.  

Submission Sisters New England female wrestling.  

North Manchester Ladies Wrestling Club is a venerable group, returning to web with a yahoo group hosted by Louise Lockwood 

The Wrestling Factory is a Manchester UK club.  

Angels of Destruction is a UK wrestling club.  

Here are some escort/domina contact sites that may be useful when looking for a lady willing to wrestle:

The Erotic Review is very searchable database for escorts and reviews of them.

Eros Guide is also searchable and may help to turn up a wrestler in your city.

Max Fisch Guide

Dickie Virgin's Domination Guide

3 - Video and Membership Sites

Utopia Entertainment   
Mixed Wrestling USA also has a Yahoo club. His clips are also on sale from this site.
Special Interests 
Grappling Girls 
Premier Productions 
Danube Women's Wrestling 
Bill Wick 
Mass MuscleMassive Muscle Wrestling 
Green Eyes / www.JoanWise.com 
L. Scott Sales 
DarkStar Girls 
Flamingo Enterprises 
Amazonen Sports Films is the current incarnation of Beka Film 
Club Q 
Kandor's Scissor Korner 
Competitive Enterprisesmembership site.
California Supreme 
Steel Kittens 
Scissor Vixens 
Black Falcon 
Anaconda Productions 
BattleCats Video Club 
Fighting Females Video Rental Club
Chaos Video
Leather and Lace / Boxing Lynn / www.femaleprowrestling.com
Woman vs Woman
BDSL Video
Deadly Females
Lethal Bitches
Asian Wrestlerettes
Brandenburg Collection  
Deadly Femmes
Golden Girls
Women's Wrestling Worldwide
Video Sports Ltd.   
Victory Girls
Amazonia Mixed Wrestling
Lusa Entertainment / SexyGrappling
Scissor Goddess   
Mixed Wrestling Power
Female Wrestling Now   
Submit or Suffer
Amazons Prod / download site.
Queen's Amazons 
Girl Power
Steve's Wrestling Adventures 
Fighting Angels
Mixed Wrestling Israel
Femforce Europe
Mixed Wrestling UK
Ladies in Combat   
Brutal Babes   

4. - Related Interests

Straddle Productions focuses on straddles and face sits, a few mixed videos.

Smother Us is for guys who can't get enough face-sitting pics.

Scissors and Straddles ... what else is there? 

Butt-Face is a membership site devoted to face-sitting.  

Liftfit covers lift and carry.  

Toes 2 Nose covers wrestling, foot fetish, trampling, etc.  

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